Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019 | Budget | Verdict | Hit or Flop | Profits | Loss | Release Date


Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019 | Budget | Verdict | Hit or Flop | Profits | Loss | Release Date:- So, welcome to you on our blog. So, today we have shared with you the list of Punjabi Box Office collection 2019 in India. Including Punjabi Box Office Collection, Budget, Profit, Hit or Flop, Verdict, Release Date.

Last updated on 29 August, 2019. Movie Costs are quotes containing both Printing and Production and Promotion costs. It comprises only Web Collections it does not consist of overseas collections. Here’s the entire list. Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019 | Budget | Verdict | Hit or Flop | Profits | Loss | Release Date

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019

Naukar Vahuti Da3.12 CrorePending
Singham2.72 CrorePending
Sikander 23.40 CrorePending
Chal Mera Putt9.64 CrorePending
Ardaas Karaan24.42 CroreHit
Munda Hi Chahida2 CroreHit
DSP Dev8 CroreAverage
Shadaa54 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Kala Shah Kala20 CroreSuperhit

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019

Manje Bistre 219.25 CroreAverage
Guddiyan Patole18 CroreSuperhit
Rab Da Radio 214 CroreHit
Uda Aida13 CroreHit
Blackia12 CroreHit
Dil Diyan Gallan11.50 CroreHit
Kaka Ji9 CroreAverage
Band Vaaje8.25 CroreAverage
High-End Yaariyaan5 CroreFlop
Do Dooni Panj3.25 CroreFlop
Kaake Da Viyah1.40 CroreFlop
Yaara Ve1.25 CroreFlop
Dulla Vailly80 LakhFlop
Lukan Michi80 LakhFlop
15 Lakh Kado Aauga30 LakhDisaster
Ishqaa25 LakhDisaster
Saadi Marzi25 LakhDisaster

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2018

Dakuaan Da Munda14 CroreSuper-Hit
Parahuna13 CroreSuper-Hit
Mr and Mrs 420 Returns11.50 CroreSuper-Hit
Subedar Joginder Singh11 CroreFlop
Daan Paani10 CroreAverage
Afsar9 CroreAverage
Aate Di Chidi7 CroreBelow Average
Harjeeta5.50 CroreFlop
Bhajjo Veero Ve5.40 CroreBelow Average
Marriage Palace5.25 CroreBelow Average

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019

Banjara4.60 CroreFlop
Laatu2.50 CroreFlop
Asees2.20 CroreFlop
Khido Khundi2.00 CroreFlop
Son Of Manjit Singh2.00 CroreFlop
Rang Punjab1.60 CroreFlop
Nankana1.50 CroreFlop
Ranjha Refugee1.50 CroreFlop
Kurmayian1.40 CroreFlop
Raduaa75 LakhFlop
Vadda Kalakaar75 LakhFlop
Bhai Taaru Singh70 LakhFlop
Jatt V/S IELTS60 LakhFlop
Guru Da Banda (Punjabi Box Office Collection)40 LakhFlop
Kande40 LakhFlop
Punjab Singh40 LakhFlop
Jindri40 LakhFlop
Saggi Phull35 LakhFlop
Dhol Ratti30 LakhFlop
Chan Tara30 LakhFlop
Ishq Na Hove Rabba20 LakhFlop
Din Dahade Le Jayege20 LakhFlop
Jagga Jeounda Ae15 LakhDisaster
Salute15 LakhDisaster
Bhagat Singh Di Udeek10 LakhDisaster
Aam Aadmi10 LakhDisaster
Delhi To Lahore5 LakhDisaster
America5 LakhDisaster

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2017

1.6 Lakh-19.00 CroreHit

Nikka Zaildar 25.66 Crore
Channa Mereya3.91 Crore
Super Singh7.80 Crore
Manje Bistre9.35 Crore
Sargi1.32 Crore
Chaar Sahibzaade – Rise45 Lakh
Lock59 Lakh
Nikka Zaildar5.99 CroreSuper Hit
Tiger1.57 Crore
25 Kille79 Lakh
Main Teri Tu Mera1.12 Crore
Gelo (Punjabi Box Office Collection)
Bambukat8.90 CroreSuper Hit
Needhi Singh31 Lakh
Sardaar Ji 213.52 CroreSuper Hit
Once Upon a Time in Amritsar40.79 Lakh
Dulla Bhatti52.25 Lakh
Vaapsi18.50 Lakh
Vaapsi18.50 Lakh
Saadey CM Saab8.9 CroreSuper Hit
Kaptaan3.22 CroreAverage
Ambarsariya2.10 CroreAverage
Ardaas2.96 CroreAverage
Love Punjab5.81 CroreSuper Hit
Channo Kamli Yaar Di1.73 CroreAverage
Judge Singh LLB6.37 CroreAverage
Mukhtiar Chadha8.16 CroreAverage
Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai45.3 LakhAverage
Dildariyaan2.65 CroreAverage
Qissa Panjab27 LakhFlop
Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster3.75 CroreAverage
Faraar (Punjabi Box Office Collection)
Sardaar Ji54.02 CroreSuper Hit
Angrej34.81 CroreSuper Hit
Gadaar – The Traitor11.3 CroreHit
Munde Kamaal De3.7 CroreAverage
Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe6.00 CroreHit
Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi5.86 CroreHit
Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi3.80 CroreAverage
Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi lut Gaya3.55 CroreAverage
Yaarana1.78 CroreBelow Average
What the Jatt1.50 CroreBelow Average
Mitti Na Pharol Jogiya1.45 CroreBelow Average
Leather Life1.28 CroreBelow Average
Punjabian Da King1.8 CroreBelow Average
The Blood Street1.28 LakhFlop
Choodiyan38.5 LakhFlop
Bol Mere Kukda Kukdu Ghadoon25 LakhFlop

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017

Chaar Sahibzaade72 Crores2014All Time BlockBuster
Punjab 198434 Crores2014All Time BlockBuster
Jatt James Bond25.79 Crores2014Super Hit
Disco Singh19.36 Crores2014Super Hit
Double Di Trouble13.72 Crores2014Semi Hit
Romeo Ranjha10.00 Crore2014Semi Hit
Aa Gaye Munde UK De7.50 Crore2014Average
Mr & Mrs 4206.00 Crore2014Average
Kaum De Heere (Overseas)5.00 Crore2014Hit
Mundeyan Ton Bach Ke Rahin4.00 Crore2014Below Average
Dil Vil Pyar Vyar3.75 Crore2014Below Average
Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo13.00 Crore2014Hit
Yoddha10.00 Crore2014Hit
47 to 842.9 Crore2014Average
Kirpaan2.00 Crore2014Flop
Fateh (Punjabi Box Office Collection)2.00 Crore2014Flop
Yarran Da Katchup2.00 Crore2014Flop
Patiala Dreamz1.50 Crores2014Flop
Police in Pollywood1.50 Crores2014Flop
Oh My Pyo Ji80 Lakhs2014Flop
Arsho70 Lakhs2014Flop
Paisa Yaar N Panga80 Lakhs2014Flop
Veeran Naal Sardari75 Lakhs2014Flop
Idiot Boys50 Lakhs2014Flop
Marriage Da Garriage40 Lakhs2014Flop
Proud to be a Sikh35 Lakhs2014Flop
Myself Ghaint30 Lakhs2014Flop
Assi Han Yaar Punjabi20 Lakhs2014Flop
Ho Javey Je Pyaar20 Lakhs2014Flop
Jatt & Juliet 236.40 Crores2013BlockBuster
Best of Luck (Punjabi Box Office Collection)19.10 Crores2013Hit
Lucky Di Unlucky Story17.95 Crores2013Hit
Singh V/s Kaur16.80 Crores2013Hit
Sadda Haq15.20 Crores2013Hit
Daddy Cool Munde Fool9.8 Crores2013Semi Hit
Jatts in Golmaal9.40 Crores2013Semi Hit
Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 227.10 Crores2013Semi Hit
Saddi Love Story5.55 Crores2013Semi Hit
Rangeelay5.35 Crores2013Semi Hit
Bikkar Bai Sentimantal4.95 Crores2013Semi Hit
Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya4.70 Crores2013Semi Hit
Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad4.20 Crores2013Semi Hit
Pooja Kiven aa1.95 Crores2013Flop
Sikander1.40 Crores2013Flop
Pehchaan 3D1.40 Crores2013Flop
Stupid 7 (Punjabi Box Office Collection)1.35 Crores2013Flop
You N Me1.25 Crores2013Flop
Pagri Singh Da Taaj90 Lakhs2013Flop
O.G.J – Hun Vajjega Band55 Lakhs2013Flop
Ho Javey Je Pyaar20 Lakhs2013Flop
Jatt & Juliet24.85 Crores2012Super Hit
Carry On Jatta20.95 Crores2012Super Hit
Mirza8.40 Crores2012Semi Hit
Desi Romeos5.85 Lakhs2012Semi Hit
Pinky Mogi Wali5 Crores2012Semi Hit
Taur Mittran Di4.80 Crores2012Semi Hit
Pure Punjabi4.00 Crores2012Semi Hit
Raula Pai Gaya3.90 Crores2012Semi Hit
Sirphire (Punjabi Box Office Collection)3.85 Crores2012Semi Hit
Burrraahh3.80 Crores2012Semi Hit
Pata Nahi Rab KehdeyanRanga Chh Raazi2.25 Crores2012Flop
Aaj De Ranjhe3.90 Crores2012Flop
Power Cut1.75 Crores2012Flop
Kabaddi Once Again1.50 Crores2012Flop
Rahe Chardi Kala Punjab Di70 Lakhs2012Flop
Yaara Naal Baharaan II70 Lakhs2012Flop
Appan Phir Milange55 Lakhs2012Flop
Yaar Pardesi50 Lakhs2012Flop
Rehmataan25 Lakhs2012Flop
Jihne Mera Dil Luteya12.50 Crores2011Hit
Dharti8.10 Crores2011Semi Hit
Yaar Annmulle6.20 Crores2011Semi Hit
Hero Hitler In Love4.60 Crores2011Semi Hit
The Lion Of Punjab2.40 Crores2011Flop
Khushiyan70 Lakhs2011Flop
MLA Natha Singh55 Lakhs2011Flop
Canadian Dream50 Lakhs2011Flop
Mel Karade Rabba10.50 Lakhs2010Hit
Ekam (Punjabi Box Office Collection)6.50 Crores2010Semi Hit
Ik Kudi Punjab Di4.40 Crores2010Semi Hit
Mar Jawan Gur Khake1.60 Crores2010Flop
Punjaban1.50 Crores2010Semi Hit
Sukhmani1.50 Crores2010Semi Hit
Channa Sachi Muchi85 Lakhs2010Flop
Jawani Zindabad85 Lakhs2010Flop
Virsa70 Lakhs2010Flop
Chak Jawana75 Lakhs2010Flop
Kabaddi Ikk Mohabbat40 Lakhs2010Flop
Mitti35 Lakhs2010Flop
Chhevan Dariya32 Lakhs2010Flop
Tere Ishq Nachaya25 Lakhs2010Flop
Lad Gaya Pecha25 Lakhs2010Flop
Simran15 Lakhs2010Flop
Assi Han Yaar Punjabi20 Lakhs2010Flop
Ho Javey Je Pyaar20 Lakhs2010Flop

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019


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Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019 | Budget | Verdict | Hit or Flop | Profits | Loss | Release Date

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019 | Budget | Verdict | Hit or Flop | Profits | Loss | Release Date
  • Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019


Punjabi Box Office Collection 2019 | Budget | Verdict | Hit or Flop | Profits | Loss | Release Date:- Naukar Vahuti Da | Jaddi Sardar | Manje Bistre | Band Vaaje

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